Trash & Recycling

Any plastic bag –– whether it says it is “compostable”, or not ––should not and must not be put into the Green Cans.

When Mill Valley Refuse Company sees plastic bags in our Green Cans, they do not empty those cans. We have to call them again and they charge us for an extra pick-up.

Therefore: Do not put any plastic bags in our green cans, even if they say “compostable”, they are not

Thank you for your future cooperation,
Your HOA Board

(Please share this with your cleaning company) 

Cualquier bolsa de plástico –– ya sea que diga que es “compostable” o no –– no debe ni debe colocarse en las latas verdes. Cuando Mill Valley Refuse Company ve bolsas de plástico en nuestros botes verdes, no vacía esos botes.

Por lo tanto: No ponga bolsas de plástico en nuestras latas verdes, aunque digan “compostables”, no lo son.

Gracias por su futura cooperación,
Su junta HOA

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